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Annonse ID: 30406 Online Map Quality Analyst- Vietnam

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  • Firma:
  • Lionbridge GSS Ltd.



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Online Map Quality Analyst- Vietnam

  • Status: Independent Contractor, Part-time, Temporary
    We are currently recruiting for the role of Online Map Quality Analysts in Norway.
    The position will allow you to work from home on a flexible schedule of up to 20 hours per week completing tasks that evaluate online mapping related information. Candidates for this position will need to have good research skills, and a keen interest and understanding of local and national geography.
    The Requirements
    • Fluency in Norwegian & English is essential
    • Hi speed broadband internet access form a home environment
    • Working knowledge of local and national geographical areas
    • Experience/know-how of using online maps, route planning and point of interest research
    • For cultural, historical and geographical awareness purposes candidates must be
    resident in Norway for the last 2 years.
    The Work Will Involve
    • Reading and applying written guidelines on how to complete the work
    • Passing an online evaluation to demonstrate capability
    • Completing online mapping and routing related tasks
    • Research, using online tools to investigate geographic accuracy of queries
    • Ranking or rating information in relation to those tasks
    The project may require availability of 10 – 20 hours per week.
    This is a freelance, independent contractor position.
    Don’t miss out on this exciting new opportunity
    Please click here to apply:

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